Quotes from KIC Parents

As parents, we cannot think of a better program to send our fourth grade son to in the Naperville area than Kid Innovation College. Mr. Horner utilizes creative, higher level thinking, FUN games to guide the children as they learn and practice cognitive strategies to solve problems. The children are fascinated by Mr. Horner’s humorous stories that he animatedly shares to teach important life lessons and thinking strategies. Every day after Kid Innovation College camp, our son would have a funny “Mr. Horner story” and an exciting thinking game that he wanted to share with us. Our son made sure that his calendar was clear in February so that he could participate in KIC the following June.

Mr. Horner’s teaching approach is consistent with the philosophy “Give a man a fish and you have fed him for today. Teach a man HOW to fish and he can feed himself for the rest of his life.” Mr. Horner teaches his students how to think not what to think. Our son will be able to apply these thinking skills to any problem that he encounters throughout his lifetime, long after he would have forgotten any facts that he might have memorized in other programs. We feel truly fortunate that our son has the opportunity to learn life lessons and develop his higher level thinking strategies by attending Kid Innovation College. We highly recommend KIC!

KIC is a fantastic program that gets children excited about learning. My child liked KIC a lot. They have great teachers – wonderful attitudes, humorous, enthusiastic, and interesting course topics. KIC also gives bright and talented teachers a place where they can explore their passion in the course of their choice/creation – and serves to create an exciting and passion-filled setting for students to explore in depth a topic of interest with someone who will inspire them.

Quotes from KIC Kids

KIC was a fun experience; like a break from your regular life, that lets you have fun and makes you think every second of the course.
Math Games 210 in KIC was fun and very exciting. KIC was fun and exciting because instead of just plain old math (working out a worksheet of problems) you get to play fun math games while improving your ability in math. The math games are even made up by the humorous Mr. Horner.
KIC is a fun, challenging experience that tests your skills. Even Einstein couldn’t do these easily!
Math Games 210 was a new era of fun math games with a great teacher, Mr. Horner. Mr. Horner invented new games from scratch for the kids to play. Many kids, including me, thought KIC was fantastic.
Kid Innovation College is a fun educational thing to do in the summer. You might think that you would be wasting your fun summer free-time learning, but that’s not the way it is. With a fun teacher (Mr. Horner), and exciting challenges and games, KIC is a must-do for sure.
In Poetry 300, I learned cool new techniques to use in writing. The teachers are amazing. I think KIC is a fun, educational extension of school.
I thought that Kid Innovation College was mind-stretching. I thought more about the “HOWS” and not just the “WHATS”.