Melt Your Mind

Melt Your Mind

For students graduating 4th-5th grade in ’20-‘21 school year (alternating yearly curriculum and ranges 6th to 7th grade

Date: Week 1, July 5-9
Time: 10-11:30am
Instructor: Ms. LaFleur

Keep every part of your brain sharp this summer by going through this crazy adventure. “Melt Your Mind” has been especially designed for students who are interested in getting extra challenges in critical, creative, and all types of complex thinking. Strrrrrrrrrrretch your mind as you weave your way through various games, puzzles, questions, inquiries, and innovations. Use your imagination to unlock awesome ideas just waiting to be discovered. You won’t want to miss this one!

Prereq’s: Students should be able to (for the most part) “think outside the box”, and have strong skills in math and vocabulary, and be able to identify complex patterns. In addition, students should feel comfortable with being challenged!