Math Games 320

Math Games 320

For students graduating 4th-5th grade in ’20-‘21 school year (alternating yearly curriculum and ranges 6th to 7th grade)

Date: Week 3, July 26-30
Time: 10-11:30am
Instructor: Ms. Gargano

This class is designed for the more advanced math student. The math games in this course will be more complex and challenging than Math Games 210… but just as fun! We will explore math through a variety of games that cover a broader scale than Math Games 210. If you want an even greater math challenge, and still have a lot of fun, then sign up for this class now!

Prereq’s: Students should feel VERY comfortable with the multiple/division facts 1-12. In addition, students also need to be able to: reduce fractions into lowest terms, add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers, compute long division problems and double/triple digit multiplication, and understand very basic algebraic principles.