Time Travel: Stop Motion Through History

Time Travel: Stop Motion Through History

For students graduating 4th-5th grade in ’20-‘21 school year (curriculum ranges 6th to 8th grade)

Date: Week 2, July 12-16
Time: 10-11:30am
Instructor: Ms. LaFleur

Get ready to jump in your metaphorical time machines and speed off into the past!  Be prepared to intertwine technology, art, and history in this innovative exploration.  Students will travel through time throughout the week as they inquire about an event in history of their choosing and tell the story through the medium of stop-motion. In addition, students will learn about the history of stop motion animation and how to specifically activate this technique in their creative expression. They will apply their overall knowledge to collaboratively create their very own stop motion film.

Prereq’s: Students should have an interest in history and have experience working technology, thinking flexibly, and enjoy collaborating with others.