Impactful History!

Impactful History!

For students graduating 1st-3rd grade in ’20-‘21 school year (curriculum ranges 2nd to 5th grade)

Date: Week 1, July 5-9
Time: 10-11:30am
Instructor: Ms. Kelly

What does it mean to make an “impact on the world”?  In this course, students will explore a variety of historical figures who have taken risks in creation, imagination, and heroism in a variety of ways.  Each day, students will focus on a new theme centered around people who have made an impact in history. Students will engage in “mini” book clubs as we dig into nonfiction texts. Through discussion, writing and games, students will enhance their reading skills by identifying character traits, changes, and central themes. Throughout the week, students will also build and strengthen their own social awareness and social emotional development by connecting with a historical figure.

Prereq’s: Students should be able to keep an open mind to others ideas, enjoy collaborating, and be reading at or above grade level.