Beat the Biome: A Survival Game

Beat the Biome: A Survival Game

For students graduating 3rd-5th grade in ’20-‘21 school year (curriculum ranges 5th to 7th grade)

Date: Week 2, July 12-16
Time: 1-2:30pm
Instructor: Ms. LaFleur

Welcome, friends.  You have been chosen to be a participant on the dangerous reality show, “Beat the Biome!”  Will you be able to survive the 5 days you are on our show?  You will work collaboratively with a group of other contestants as you navigate your way through a rainforest or tundra biome.  You will only have a limited amount of supplies and no communication with human civilization!  In the course, students will apply their understanding of biomes to create a digital product to document their success with the integration of various thinking skills and cognitive strategies.

Will YOU be able to Beat the Biome?

Prereq’s: Students should be reading on or above grade level, have an interest nature and adventure, possess strong critical thinking skills, and work cooperatively and empathetically in a group.